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Things I have that didn’t end up getting run over by my car or thrown in the ocean out of frustration (PS i’m 4 hours inland so that takes a lot of hate)

Sennheiser Earbuds

This is the best pair of budget earbuds I have come across. They carry a heavy bass, and sound so much better than standard issue apple phones or the millions of places that sell $4.99 pairs that break in a week. They cost around $32, but sound just as good as $100 pairs. Speaking of which, ‘designer’ headphones like Beats By Dre, while not an awful product by any means, are grossly overpriced and have costs that mostly consist of the celebrity’s brand. These sound better than which cost about 6x as much. Sennheiser is one example of many criminally ignored audio experts, at least by the masses. I would highly recommend this for anyone who listens to a lot of rap/electronic music, but it sounds perfectly fine listening to anything else; the high-end sounds don’t fade when played at full volume, so they don’t just sound like aluminum cans in your ears.