What I’m listening to; Feb

One way I keep myself listening to new songs is making a monthly playlist and adding more daily. Full Disclosure; I like a lot of rap. Don’t worry, there’s other stuff too; I’m a big Nickleback fan, aaand that’s about it. (Joking, for anybody who doesn’t know me or didn’t catch the joke because they clearly haven’t heard nickleback)


My first post

The Internet is way too big to be simplified to just Facebook, or buzzfeed (although who doesn’t love those lists), or to ignore entirely. This website is me trying to share basically anything that interests me; I listen to all kinds of music, read daily, watch a lot of stuff, and browse the web for hours; I spend a lot of time searching out different things across a lot of the net, it seemed to me like just a waste to essentially throw away whatever I had just done once I finished; Plus, people seem to ask me a lot what they should get off of amazon, or what movie they should watch, or what would be a good new band to check out; I guess that means that I’m good at the internet or something (there I go, bragging about myself again). Anyways, that’s partially where this idea came from, and I have no idea where it’s gonna go. If you have any ideas I am all ears, any feedback is appreciated. I’ve literally just started blogging so there’s plenty I don’t know or have overlooked.
As far as what I expect to have category-wise, probably something like ‘Music, Humor, Technology, News, Videos, Politics, Read of the Day, Websites, Random’. So, if any of those sound appealing, good; I’ll try to update this thing daily. I probably will even if you don’t like it. Haters.