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RescueTime – Application for tracking all mac activity

The mac application is an awesome, free way to see how exactly you spend your time on the computer. It automatically categorizes activities and emails you a weekly report. I’ve learned that I spend almost 120 hours a month on my computer. Below is a screenshot of the dashboard on their website.

Screenshot at May 29 23-11-18


Auto weather-delivery service


This is such a great idea for effortlessly keeping up with the weather; it texts you every morning including a weather emoji. The pic below sums it up pretty well, but definitely worth the 10 seconds it takes.

Daily Rituals


This link above is what I’ve found to be a useful template for making one’s real-world routine. I know these are a dime a dozen, I’ve read them all. With a section on implementation, this article also helped solidify the vague, too often cliché advice mostly given. The simple idea of keeping an excel spreadsheet proves excellent for automatically organizing what would be reams of paper, or worse, mental notes that never get inked. Not everything on this list was groundbreaking, but anybody looking for a quick article that has everything perfectly tailored to their life already probably isn’t that serious about working towards self-improvement, now, are they? I’ll put my favorite step below, even though it has been said many times over:

“I started this habit at a half hour a day. Recently I’ve started reading about an hour a day and am burning through books. With a constant flow of information in, you increase your ability for information to flow out (applying knowledge to your life)”